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Generates anime and real girl images on the web.
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Soulgen is a web-based AI art generator that can create real/anime girls' images from text prompts or descriptions. With Soulgen, users can try a free trial to create unique anime characters using a prompt or text description.

This AI generator provides customization options in all styles and allows users to fly their imagination to create their dream girl's picture. The generated anime picture belongs to the user, making the soulmate picture unique for the user's use.

Soulgen AI art generator is user-friendly and comes with an easy-to-use interface. To get AI-generated images, the user needs to follow three simple steps, including logging into the account, entering the description or prompt, and then choosing the preferred girl from either real or anime girl options.

Soulgen AI art generator utilizes machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks that use large sets of already-made art to teach the algorithms how to find patterns and styles that can be used to create unique images.

The AI-generated images are copyright-free and completely unique because they are based on the user's description, making the generated image unique to users.

Soulgen provides a showcase of anime and real girls to give users a better idea of what the AI art generator can create. Users can use the generated images for commercial use only if they create the art on their own.

Soulgen's website includes information on community, contact options, terms of service, and privacy policy.


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Mar 29, 2024
This shit won't let me generate images, I try, I try, but every time it says that I've already created as much as possible on a daily basis BECAUSE I HAD NOT CREATED ANY IMAGE, IT'S THE WORST SITE EVER
Jan 21, 2024
Too expensive sadly...
Nov 15, 2023
Hay tai dc hinh dap
Nov 15, 2023
Hay tai dc nhiu hinh dep
Aug 8, 2023
If you just want to try Soulgen, just know, that unsubscribing from Soulgen is pain in the ass. There is no button on their website to unsubscribe, and it's a needlessly complicated process.
May 31, 2023
Making AI girls easily and good on the heads-up prompt. Lovin' it!
May 31, 2023
Making AI girls easily and good on heads-up prompt. Lovin'it!
May 31, 2023
I have to say, I'm really impressed with Soulgen! It's a true AI-driven female character generator. You can create your ideal soulmate's image in both anime style and real life style just by entering some text and tags. I also love that it offers a 50% discount for new subscribers. This app uses deep learning algorithms and continually trains on massive image datasets to create amazing and often accurate AI-generated girls. It's one of the best AI virtual girl generators out there, and I'm thrilled to be one of its first users.
May 30, 2023
I asked for it to generate Travis Scott perform with fire in the background on a stage in a concert and it did so spectacularly. I GET THOSE GOOSEBUMPS EVERYTIME!!!
May 15, 2023
very impressive

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Pros and Cons


Generates anime and real images
Generates images from text prompts
Free trial available
Variety of customization options
User-friendly interface
Images are unique to user
Generated images are copyright-free
Showcase for better understanding
Supports commercial use
Images based on user's description
Easy three-step process
Clear community information
Easy contact options
Comprehensive terms of service
Detailed privacy policy
Supports account creation
Creates animation in all styles
Generates images in seconds
Can generate real and anime girls


Limited to female characters
No offline usage
Requires signup
Web-based only
Art style not customizable
Can't generate male avatars
No API offered
Limited pre-made examples
Limited to anime style
Free trial limitations


What is Soulgen?
How does Soulgen work?
How can I generate images with Soulgen?
What technology does Soulgen AI art generator use?
Are the images created by Soulgen copyright-free?
Can I use the images generated by Soulgen for commercial use?
Is Soulgen easy to use?
Can I customize the images generated by Soulgen?
What kind of images can Soulgen generate?
Can I get a free trial of Soulgen?
Does Soulgen offer a gallery to showcase the images it can create?
Are Soulgen-generated images unique to each user?
Can I use text prompts to generate images with Soulgen?
Does Soulgen operate on a web-based platform?
In what format does Soulgen provide the images?
What information does the Soulgen website provide?
Does Soulgen allow users to create both anime and real-life images?
Does Soulgen need access to my account?
How long does it take to generate an image using Soulgen?
What are the steps to create images in Soulgen?

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