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ByBairbre Mairead Pratschke
Friendly expert in digital education and learning design.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's explore and design your digital learning journey.
Sample prompts:
How can I use the principles of generativism to design learning?
How can I assess learning as process rather than output?
How can I create personalised learning at scale?
How can I design flexible learning using the digital/AI ecosystem?
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Digital Professor is a GPT which acts as a supportive resource in digital education and learning design. Specifically designed to help users to explore and design their personalized digital learning journey, this tool offers an immersive and interactive approach to shaping learning experiences.

Leveraging theories such as generativism in its approach, the GPT allows for the creation and execution of learning designs grounded in progressive pedagogical principles.

Furthermore, the Digital Professor GPT is equipped to guide users in assessing learning as a process rather than an output, encouraging a more comprehensive and continuous engagement with the learning process.

This is especially advantageous in fostering an environment of ongoing development rather than a singular focus on end results. Additionally, this GPT provides the capacity to create personalised learning at scale by making use of diverse digital resources and AI capabilities.

This enables users to harness the power of the digital ecosystem to cater learning designs to multiple learners without compromising individual learning needs.

Last but not least, the Digital Professor aids in designing flexible learning experiences harnessing the digital/AI ecosystem. By enabling this leverage of technology, the tool facilitates the development of a more adaptable learning model, making it easier to accommodate the varied schedules, lifestyles and learning habits of modern learners.

In summary, Digital Professor is a GPT which extends its functionalities to be more than just a tool, but a friendly expert in digital education, fostering explorations and expansions in the territory of learning design by imbuing it with digital sophistication and personalized approaches.


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