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GPT welcome message: Hey! Give me an object and I'll show you its anime spirit! 😄
Sample prompts:
Hello and what is this?
What makes a good image for waifuization?
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Everything is Waifus is a GPT that allows users to encounter the anime spirit of an object. It works in an extremely innovative way by associating the concept of 'waifu', a term generally used in the anime community to denote a favourite character, to any given object.

To use this tool, users are prompted to upload an image of an object. Upon submission, this GPT then presents an anime representation or 'waifu' which essentially embodies the spirit of the submitted object.

The 'waifu' returned by the model is a playful confluence of anime culture and technology, designed to invoke a sense in users of seeing their inanimate object capable of being personified in an anime-like character.

It's an interesting, fun interaction where tech meets creativity, offering anime enthusiasts a different perspective to their everyday items and ordinary objects.

The tool requires a ChatGPT Plus, presumably for facilitating real-time communication and data exchange during the entire process. It offers prompt starters such as 'Hello and what is this?' and 'What makes a good image for waifuization?' that guide users on how to interact with the tool.

The prompt starters also provide an understanding of what images or objects might yield fascinating results. This GPT is hosted via moonlitrose.ai.


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Everything is Waifus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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