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Search, summarize, analyze, and evaluate worldwide patent information.
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Sample prompts:
테슬라의 Autonomous and user controlled vehicle summon to a target 특허 분석
연관성이 있는 경쟁관계의 특허를 찾아서 테슬라의 Autonomous and user controlled vehicle summon to a target 특허와 비교하라
LK-99 특허와 연관된 논문을 찾아서 비교하라.
AI 관련 최신 특허 동향은?
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Patent GPT is a robust GPT that provides functionalities for performing comprehensive searches, summarizations, analyses, and value assessments of patents from around the world.

Additionally, this tool supports a QnA feature, offering precise responses around patent queries, and also facilitates the detailed viewing of patent specifics.

Rooted in the ChatGPT technology, Patent GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for functionality. Apart from these, the tool is beneficial for discovering and accessing both popular and obscure patents, complete with direct links to full-text versions of the patents.

Some effective use cases for Patent GPT are seen in tasks like analyzing specific patents like Tesla's 'Autonomous and user controlled vehicle summon to a target,' and in drawing comparison between this and related competitive patents.

It also offers prompts to find and compare papers related to specific patents. With a welcoming user interface, the tool assists users in understanding emerging trends in AI-related patents, making it a valuable tool for those involved in patent-related research, evaluation, lawsuits, and authoring.


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Patent GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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