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Personal Starwatcher is a GPT which primarily serves as a valuable resource for performing in-depth evaluation of startups. Developed by, it functions by accepting the input of a company's URL to initiate its analysis.

The tool leverages the potential of ChatGPT to extract and analyze valuable insights and data about the given startup. The information captured by this tool can be highly beneficial for venture capital firms, individual investors, and even startup founders as it offers them an effective and efficient method to check and monitor the growth and potential of startups.

Remember that access to Personal Starwatcher requires ChatGPT Plus, meaning users need to be subscribed to the ChatGPT Plus service. The core functionality of the GPT is its ability to streamline the comprehensive analysis of startups by presenting reliable and actionable insights in a convenient interaction format.

By offering a 'personal VC startup analyst' that's always on hand, this tool significantly simplifies the process of digging deep into startups evaluations.

This tool is built with a focus to support users in their efforts to keep a track of their target startups and to take informed investment decisions based on the evaluations obtained.


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