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A critical VC evaluating startups with scrutiny.
GPT welcome message: Pitch your startup and brace yourself for a tough review.
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Roast My Startup is a GPT designed to provide critical assessment and evaluation of startups. The core feature of this GPT is its ability to apply rigorous scrutiny to startup initiatives as a Venture Capitalist (VC) would.

Users can interact with Roast My Startup by pitching their startup idea, presenting a deck, or revealing a website for review. In turn, the GPT conducts an objective appraisal, presenting tough feedback that emulates the harsh realities of actual VC evaluations.

This GPT tool not only aids in refining the startups but also better prepares the initiators for encountering real-time criticisms and questions that may come up in VC pitches.

Furthermore, it can serve as a rehearsal platform where users can get a feel of pitching sessions and potentially brace themselves for a high-stakes startup environment.

This tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access its services. Importantly, it also offers a diverse range of prompt starters to assist users in beginning their startup evaluations.

With its objective, no-frills analysis, Roast My Startup ushers in a novel way of virtually testing and perfecting startup pitches and models before a critical audience.


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