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Automatic passport photo maker with facial detection.
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AI-Photo is a passport photo maker that utilizes AI technology to automatically generate passport photos for users in a few seconds. This tool is designed to help users save time and money, as they no longer need to line up in a photo studio to take passport photos.

AI-Photo can crop and resize the photo to meet the official requirements, and its AI-powered facial detection technology can detect and edit the background and face in one click.

Additionally, AI-Photo offers an array of features such as photo color correction, cartoon selfie, blur background, photo enhancer, and old photo restoration.

This tool is also proven to provide compliance-guaranteed photos with its AI facial detection without delay and fulfillment for different biometric photos.

Furthermore, AI-Photo has been positively received by its customers who have commented on its ease of navigation, fast processing, and quality results.


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AI Passport Photos was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic passport photo generation
Facial detection technology
Background and face editor
Photo color correction
Cartoon selfie feature
Blur background capability
Photo enhancer included
Old photo restoration feature
Fast processing
Ease of navigation
Compliance-guaranteed photos
Can resize to official requirements
Effective for different biometric photos
Removes photo background
Face cutout tool
Tools to retouch portrait online
Works for passport and visa photos
Time saver
High customer satisfaction
Supports multiple countries requirements
Instant photo processing
Supports quick face cutouts
Photo quality enhancement
Advanced colorizing algorithm
Portrait retouching options
Generates cartoon selfies
Fast response to inquiries
Online printable template creation
100% compliant picture generation
User-friendly interface
Multiple document photo support
Popular document guidance
Customized digital passport service


Limited to passport photos
Over-reliance on facial detection
No offline version
Unclear data privacy measures
Limited photo editing tools
No batch processing
No customer support info
Doesn't support all photo formats
Cannot restore severely damaged photos
Only supports standard passport sizes


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Can AI Passport Photos create blur backgrounds in photos?
Can I make photo color corrections using AI Passport Photos?
Does AI Passport Photos give instant photo processing results?


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