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Effortless AI-driven creation and sharing of mindmaps and diagrams.
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AmyMind is an AI-integrated application designed for the uncomplicated creation and sharing of mindmaps, flowcharts, and UML diagrams. The tool takes input in the form of text or a freemind file, which it then processes to generate a clear, organized mind map, facilitating in breaking down cluttered ideas or complex concepts.

AmyMind also supports markdown text, enabling simplified document-to-mind-map conversions. In addition to offering creation capabilities, AmyMind makes it easy to export these mind maps into various formats like PowerPoint, PDF, or Word.

This feature allows seamless transitions into different workflows facilitating easy edits. Another primary aspect of AmyMind is its modern whiteboard tool which provides a simple yet efficient interface for creating diagrams.

The tool negates the need for any software downloads as it supports online editing of charts, and is designed to draw flowcharts, UML diagrams, and other work-related diagrams.

AmyMind has plans to become compatible with various other platforms, solidifying its versatility. Its usage is offered free for occasional users with limited requirements, with a professional version being available for users with more extensive needs.


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Pros and Cons


Uncomplicated creation of diagrams
Supports markdown text
Exports to PowerPoint, PDF, Word
No software downloads necessary
Free version available
Professional version available
Input from text or freemind
Document-to-mind-map conversion
Cross-platform compatibility plans
Online editing support
Efficient whiteboard tool
Export into various workflows
Seamless integration with workflows
Supports UML and flowcharts
Cloud-Based for easy access
Supports frequent diagram organization
Planned compatibility with popular platforms
Easy exporting and sharing
Limited budget options available
Support for faster edits
High-efficiency interface
Allows quick editing of styles
Supports diagram scene creation
Effortless text to mindmap
Planned for mobile compatibility
Upgradable membership plan
Folder Manager for professionals
Unlimited diagrams for professionals
Higher storage for professionals


Insufficient storage space
Requires frequent upgrades
Pricing for premium features
Not yet compatible with all platforms
Only supports certain file formats
Limited text-to-diagram conversion
Only supports online editing
Limited diagrams for free users


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Does AmyMind have plans to become compatible with other platforms?
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What kind of UML diagrams can I create with AmyMind?
How can AmyMind help in education?
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Does AmyMind set a limit on AI-actions in its free and Pro versions?

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