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WiseMap is an AI-driven tool designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of idea conceptualization and planning. Levering a combination of MindMap and ChatGPT technology, it effectively transforms user's ideas into structured and interactive mind maps.

This tool features a host of functionalities such as automated mapping, background generation, expansion of maps with related ideas, and narrative power by an AI.

Users can also manually edit and adjust every node of their mind maps according to their preferences. Apart from individual use, WiseMap facilitates dynamic and productive brainstorming sessions with its collaborative functionalities.

It can be used for innovation management, planning and managing personal projects, educational purposes, goal setting, daily planning and productivity enhancement.

WiseMap employs AI for suggesting ideas, task sequencing and providing resource insights. The sharing or retribution feature allows users to keep their maps private or share them.

The AI tool also offers features to facilitate collaborative brainstorming sessions and will soon be introducing a new feature to enable collective brainstorming.


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Pros and Cons


Automated mapping
Background generation
Map expansion with ideas
Manual node editing
Collaborative functionality
Innovation management feature
Project management tool
Educational functionality
Goal setting tool
Daily planning tool
Productivity enhancement
Resources insights
Private or shared maps
Facilitates brainstorming sessions
Upcoming collective brainstorming
Generates unique backgrounds
Unlimited manual edits
Earning credits for sharing
Feasibility evaluations
Personal project organization
Educational use-cases
Instant access without signup
User feedback integration
Creative and personal space
Interactive mind maps
Ideas transformed into structured maps
Private and public sharing options
Productivity and time management tool
Flexible to user preferences
Dynamic brainstorming sessions
Unique combination of MindMap and ChatGPT
Structuring vision and ideas
Boosts brainstorming and planning
Tour guides on YouTube
Practical for daily use
Short-term and long-term goal setting
Personalizes every node
Related idea suggestions
Multiple use cases


No offline functionality
No mobile application
Collaborative feature coming soon
No free version available
Limited design customization
No multi-language support
No integration with other tools
No direct printing feature
No tutorial or help guide


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How does WiseMap affect productivity and daily planning?
How does the automated mapping feature in WiseMap work?
Can WiseMap suggest ideas and tasks?
What is the meaning of narrative power by an AI in WiseMap?
Can WiseMap be used in education and for what purposes?
How does WiseMap assist with goal setting?
What kind of maps can you create with WiseMap?
Is WiseMap free to use or is there a cost?
How does WiseMap manage new ideas and their feasibility?
Can WiseMap assist with task sequencing and resource insights?

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