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Boost reading efficiency with AI-powered summaries, mind maps, and translations.
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EasyRead.AI is an AI-driven solution designed to streamline content consumption by generating summaries, creating mind maps, and delivering translations of articles or transcripts.

This tool uses advanced AI like ChatGPT to provide reviews of content, presenting fresh perspectives. It automatically creates content summaries, enabling users to grasp overviews quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, it helps users to generate mind maps, aiding them in organizing thoughts and building knowledge structures. Translations are also available, supporting a broader range of users.

The tool also offers unique functionality named QuickView, designed to aggregate video subtitles and article headlines. It enables quicker understanding and navigation of content by giving users an overview before they dive into the details.

Premium versions of the software offer additional benefits including more AI request quotas per month. Notably, video features are currently supported only for YouTube and Bilibili videos with system-provided subtitles.


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EasyRead was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates summaries
Creates mind maps
Provides translations
Uses ChatGPT
QuickView functionality
Aggregates video subtitles
Aggregates article headlines
Quicker content understanding
Quicker content navigation
Supports YouTube videos
Supports Bilibili videos
Premium versions available
Content overview generation
Efficient content consumption
Organizes thoughts
Builds knowledge structures
Supports broader range of users
Video features available
Reviews in fresh perspectives
Saves time
Supporting exports in Markdown
Supporting exports in image formats
High quality summaries
Content review and one-click navigation
Summary length customization
Request concurrency up to 5
Free membership availability
Pro and Premium memberships
Character length limit
Efficiency timer feature
Article/Block translation
Video transcript overview
Video transcript translate and export
Article table of content overview
Experience productive features
Efficiency and language learning
OCR capability
Whitelist mode
Filter out low information density content
Unlock Pro Features


Limited to YouTube, Bilibili
Limited character length
No Firefox or Safari support
Slow response for better models
Limited video transcript tools
No API mentioned
Summary length limit
Efficiency timer unclear functionality


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Which video platforms are currently supported by EasyRead.AI?
How can I add EasyRead.AI to Google Chrome?
Is EasyRead.AI available for Firefox or Safari?
What content can EasyRead.AI create summaries for?
What does EasyRead.AI's mind map tool provide?
How does ChatGPT contribute to EasyRead.AI's reviews?
What information is included in a QuickView summary with EasyRead.AI?
What are the features of the free and premium pricing plans for EasyRead.AI?
How many AI request quotas can I get with each pricing plan?
What are some upcoming features for EasyRead.AI?
What is the character length limit for AI requests with EasyRead.AI?
Can I choose the AI model version if I become a premium member of EasyRead.AI?

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