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Your personal AI tutor for homework help.
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Answer AI is a homework helper and learning aid, designed to assist with homework across a range of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and various Sciences.

Using AI-powered technology, users can take a picture of their homework, or upload PDFs, then the system returns answers alongside step-by-step instructions.

This feature allows users to understand the problem-solving process and not just the answer. The tool even supports user interactions with the AI tutor for further explanation on the steps.

Additionally, Answer AI offers practicing and reviewing features where the system generates Flashcards for learning and recommends mock exercises and practice plans based on past questions.

This utility extends beyond mobile usage, providing a Chrome plugin for PC users. One of the distinguishing features of Answer AI is its fast response, aiming to answer all questions within a minute.

However, its prime objective is not just the swift completion of homework, but also the improvement of the users' learning and problem-solving capabilities.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple subjects
Checks grammar errors
Photo and PDF upload
Step-by-step solution instruction
Practicing and reviewing features
Generates learning Flashcards
Recommends mock exercises
Systematic practice plans
Multi-platform usage
Fast response time
Improves learning capabilities
Enhances problem-solving skills
Chrome plugin available
High answer rate
High accuracy rate
Supports scanning for math
Detailed problem-solving explanations
Intelligent exercise recommendations
Constant service upgrades
User-friendly interface
24/7 customer service
Covers various learning levels
Deep learning model
Efficient question bank utilization
One-minute answer guarantee
Understanding-focused solutions
Support elementary mathematics, geometry, statistics, calculus
Flashcards for improved recall
App store presence
Complementary Android and iPhone apps
Helps lays foundation for maths
Inexpensive upgrade plans
Dynamic learning aid
Free version available
Supports multiple languages
Customized tutoring
Provides extensive question bank
Integrated with GPT model
Real-time problem solving
User recommended
Helps raise GPA
Improves course understanding
Recognition of text from images
Math and science specialization
Multi-channel accessibility


Limited free version
No offline functionality
Only English language supported
Upload PDF only
No handwriting recognition
Can't upload diverse file formats
Limited to preset subjects
No individual plans
Restricted to mobile and Chrome
No API for integration


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