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Gauth, formerly referred to as Gauthmath, is an AI tool designed to provide comprehensive solutions for homework and educational support. It serves as an AI-driven homework helper for all school subjects, focusing on STEM questions.

The tool utilizes industry-leading algorithms to solve problems and deliver detailed explanations and solutions. The solution process is characterized by clear, step-by-step walkthroughs that offer insights into the logic behind each step.

Furthermore, Gauth not only offers AI assistance but also provides access to live tutoring services. This combination provides users with round-the-clock educational support.

Users can either type their questions into the tool or upload images of their queries. Gauth also covers all levels of education, making it a versatile tool for all students.

The tool is part of a global educational community with a significant commitment to helping students succeed academically. There is also an upgraded version known as 'Gauth PLUS' with additional premium features.

The tool is available for download as an app.


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Gauth was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 17th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Detailed explanations
Step-by-step walkthroughs
Live tutoring services
24/7 support
Accepts image uploads
Serves all education levels
Part of global community
Upgraded premium version available
App downloadable
High problem solving rate
Fast solutions
Satisfactory user reviews
Multiple academic subjects
Versatile question input
Useful for all grades
In-depth problem analysis
Access to expert tutors
Wide user community
Robust algorithm efficiency
Homework solutions
Academic success oriented
50K+ verified expert tutors
High satisfaction rate
Solves difficult problems
Quick response from tutors
Ad free experience (Gauth PLUS)
Unlimited solutions (Gauth PLUS)
Rewarding users with prizes (Gauth PLUS)
Affordable premium version
Highly rated on App Store
Millions of students supported
Peer recommendations
Interactive learning experience
Assistance in exam preparation
Helpful for coding calculations
Fast solution for complex problems
Useful for SAT preparations
Helpful for complex derivatives
Useful for nursing program preparations
Supports a variety of subjects


No desktop version
Limited to STEM subjects
Premium features in Gauth PLUS
Upload limitation for queries
Text-based input can be complex
Dependence on internet connection
Lacks support for non-school education
Not suitable for professional or research use
Response time can vary
Quality of live tutors varies

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