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A 24/7 AI tutor for your homework needs.
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StudyMonkey.ai is an AI-powered online learning tool designed to assist students with their homework by providing personalized, step-by-step guidance and explanations.

The system is available 24/7 to answer questions and offer help across a remarkable range of subjects including but not limited to Computer Science, History, Languages, Mathematics and Science among many others.

This wide subject coverage ensures that students across various fields of study can utilize this tool. Beyond providing solutions to complex homework problems, StudyMonkey.ai also aids in essay writing and provides an assessment of the student's work.

The goal of this AI tool is to provide an accessible and effective learning assistant, aimed at improving students grades and overall academic performance.

The platform's all-time availability ensures that students can receive assistance any time they need it, providing a more flexible alternative to traditional tutoring services.


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Pros and Cons


24/7 availability
Wide subject coverage
Personalized guidance
Step-by-step explanations
Essay writing assistance
Assessment of student's work
Improves overall academic performance
Supports every education level
Homework history reviews
Supports multiple choice and short answer
Multiple language support
Advanced Placement Exams (AP Exams) support
Coverage of professional exams
Access to past questions and answers


Limited daily answers
Lacks native mobile application
Outdated browser compatibility issues
Requires internet connection
Dependant on questions clarity
Absence of human interaction
Accuracy may vary
Efficiency for essay help unspecified
Requires sign-up
Specific guidance may lack


What is StudyMonkey.ai?
How does StudyMonkey.ai work?
Which subjects does StudyMonkey.ai support?
What is the range of academic levels that StudyMonkey.ai can assist with?
Does StudyMonkey.ai provide step-by-step solutions?
How is StudyMonkey.ai useful for improving academic performance?
Does StudyMonkey.ai also help with essay writing?
How quickly can I get answers for my homework questions on StudyMonkey.ai?
What kind of problems can I ask StudyMonkey.ai?
Is StudyMonkey.ai available for use at any time?
Can I review my question history on StudyMonkey.ai?
How can StudyMonkey.ai impact my overall grades?
Can StudyMonkey.ai assist with exam preparation?
What's the difference between the basic and premium versions of StudyMonkey.ai?
Does StudyMonkey.ai offer a free trial?
How can I sign up for StudyMonkey.ai?
Is it possible to use StudyMonkey.ai on my mobile device?
How does the AI technology in StudyMonkey.ai help with personalized learning?
Do I need to download any software or app to use StudyMonkey.ai?
How is my data protected on StudyMonkey.ai?


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