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ByMike Kentz
Assists in solving and understanding homework problems.
GPT welcome message: Hi, I'm here to help with your homework! What do you need assistance with?
Sample prompts:
I don't understand this math problem. Can you help me figure out how to solve it?
Explain this science concept:
Help me understand this literature theme:
How do I approach this homework question?
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Study Buddy is a GPT that provides educational support to its users by assisting in solving and understanding homework problems across a wide range of subjects.

This tool harnesses the communicative abilities of ChatGPT to offer insightful explanations and solutions to various academic tasks. Its primary function is to facilitate a deeper understanding of subject matter, whether that's assisting with a mathematics equation, explaining a science concept, uncovering a theme in literature, or providing guidance on how to approach a homework question.

When prompted, Study Buddy offers comprehensive aid tailored to the user's need. Its objective assistance aims to enhance the overall learning experience for students, making it an effective educational complement.

As it operates on top of ChatGPT, using this tool requires ChatGPT Plus. The tool's approachability and user-friendly design, signified by its welcome message, 'Hi, I'm here to help with your homework! What do you need assistance with?', makes it equally suitable for students of different ages and educational levels.


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