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StudyX is an all-in-one homework assistant designed to facilitate student learning. The software consists of multiple features such as automatic question recognition, AI-answer generation, and community Q&A matching as well as a personalized editor and expert Q&A services.

Users can utilize the Essay Extender, AI Answer Generator, Thesis Statement Generator, Essay Writer, Grammar Checker, Code Generator, and Math Solver, making it a versatile toolkit for various academic needs.

Among its capabilities, it also includes a sophisticated AI model that generates fast and accurate responses to queries. Additionally, it allows students to engage in an interactive chat with AI for a deeper understanding of topics.

It offers access to a vast range of community answers, providing inspiration and support for completing assignments. Its integrated expert support system delivers personalized assistance to enhance the learning experience.

Furthermore, it supports various coding languages, offering the ability to generate code, making it useful for computer science students. The Grammar Checker automatically detects and corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, aiding in the improvement of written assignments.

StudyX is designed to facilitate easy integration with popular learning platforms, and its features are continually expanding, making for a comprehensive, continually evolving academic support tool.


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StudyX was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic question recognition
Community Q&A matching
Personalized editor
Expert Q&A services
Essay Extender function
Thesis Statement Generator feature
Essay Writer function
Grammar Checker tool
Code Generator feature
Math Solver
Large database of community answers
Integrated expert support system
Coding language support
Grammar, spelling, punctuation auto-detection
Compatibility with various learning platforms
Continuous feature expansion
Fast response generation
Multiple code language support
Ability to summarize key concepts
Supports input of math formulas
Supports image and text input
Access to 75+ million community answers
GPT-4 support for precise responses
ChatGPT support for detailed responses
BARD support for updated responses
Step-by-step explanation for math solutions
Included code generator for Python, SQL, JavaScript, and Java
Ability to write articles, essays, and papers
Capability to ask follow-up questions
24/7 expert support
Step-by-step question breakdown
Dedicated expert assistance
5x learning speed enhancement
Integrated with popular learning platforms like Canvas, BlackBoard, Moodle etc.


Limited coding languages supported
No indication of offline access
Expert support might be slow
Inefficient for complex inquiries
Automated response may lack detail
Heavy reliance on community answers
Doesn't support all learning platforms
Might have privacy concerns
Potential algorithmic bias


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How does the Essay Extender tool in StudyX work?
Can I use StudyX to check the accuracy of my answers?
Is StudyX designed to work with specific learning platforms?
Can StudyX help me improve my writing skills?
Does StudyX help in generating code for my assignments?
Can I interact with other users on StudyX?

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