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Automatically translate video to English and 35+ languages.
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BlipCut AI Video Translator is an online tool that allows users to translate their video content into English and over 35 other languages. It offers a suite of features including voice cloning, automatic speech recognition, and chatbot-powered translation.

Cloned voices maintain a natural, human-like sound across languages, making it an effective tool for multiple situations, from translating YouTube videos to language translation in international marketing, education, news, gaming, and films.

Its translation experience offers accuracy and does not require queuing. The tool also comes with a dubbing feature, offering a range of high-quality AI voices.

Its automatic caption generation functionality allows for simple and quick subtitle creation, editing, and translation, providing a more streamlined experience for multimedia content.

The voice changer option not only alters the voices in videos but does so in a hyper-realistic manner and can speak in any desired language. BlipCut is additionally developing a lip syncing feature that will adapt voice and lip movements to the chosen language for a more natural translation result.

The tool also features the AI Speak Subtitles for YouTube Chrome extension, which translates and voices YouTube subtitles in various languages, improving the accessibility and reach of your YouTube content.


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BlipCut was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Translates 35+ languages
Voice cloning
Automatic speech recognition
Chatbot-powered translation
Human-like cloned voices
No queuing for translations
Dubbing feature
Automatic caption generation
Subtitle creation, editing, translation
Voice changer tool
Hyper-realistic voice altering
In-development lip syncing feature
Translates YouTube subtitles
Provides voiced YouTube subtitles
Supports international marketing
Useful in education
Game and film translations
Tool is online
Breaks language barriers
Auto subtitle generation
Efficient multimedia content processing
Voice and lip movement adaptation
Translation for PowerPoint, e-learning videos
News video translation capability
Game video translation capability
Movie translation capability
Extension supports 100+ voices
Automatic volume and speed adjustments
Safe download feature
Integration with Eleven Labs for Voice cloning
Supports Hindi to English translation
Spanish to English translation for audio
Korean to English accurate translations
Customizable plans for extensive use
ChatGPT translation feature


Lacks offline functionality
Requires persistent internet connectivity
No simultaneous multi-file processing
Limited to 35 languages
Lip syncing feature still in development
Depends on third party integrations
May struggle with complex language nuances
Limited user-customization options
No native mobile app mentioned
Potential translation accuracy variances


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Who can benefit from using the BlipCut AI Video Translator?
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Can I use BlipCut for translating video game content?
How effective is BlipCut in translating film content and generating subtitles?
Does BlipCut support batch translation of multiple videos?
What are the steps to translate a video using BlipCut?
How is BlipCut's translation compared to a human translator?
How can I sign up and start using BlipCut AI Video Translator?


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