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Canny: Organize feature requests and prioritize your roadmap.
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Canny is an AI customer feedback management tool designed to help organizations collect, organize and analyze feature requests. It provides a centralized location for gathering feedback, enabling a deep understanding of customer needs to prioritize your product roadmap effectively.

Canny's features include feedback collection, feedback analysis, request prioritization, roadmap creation, and update sharing. Users can collect feedback from various sources, automatically detect and merge duplicates, and set up a feedback portal for direct user interaction.

The tool also allows users to connect customer data to specific features, create user segments, and gain context from user feedback. Based on the feedback collected, requests can be prioritized using a customized formula that considers impact and effort weights.

Canny also integrates with popular project management tools to help create a concise roadmap for products. Users can share progress updates through a public changelog, linking to feature requests and automatically notifying users who interacted with those requests.

For a more automated approach, Canny offers AI-driven features for feedback discovery, offering smart replies and summarizing lengthy feedback threads for ease of understanding.

Ultimately, Canny transforms feedback into actionable insights to help businesses make informed product decisions and build better products.

Canny was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 19th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Centralized feedback collection
Automated duplicate detection
Direct user interaction portal
Customer data-feature linking
User segment creation
Feedback-context integration
Customizable prioritization formula
Integrates with project management tools
Public update sharing functionality
Automatic user notifications for updates
Smart replies to feedback
Automated feedback thread summarization
Automated feedback tasks
Feedback analysis for product decisions
Public changelog for engagement
Feedback portal setup
Supportive customer feedback integration
Automated customer interaction capturing
Potential revenue impact indication
User feedback segmentation
Roadmap creation for projects
Customizable impact-effort weighting for prioritization
Public or private roadmaps
Custom post field creation for business
Opportunity revenue consideration
Detailed release notes publication
Automatic voting user notifications
Manual feedback task automation
Feedback capturing and deduplication
Clarifying questions for feedback
User-friendly UI
Feedback insights for churn prevention
Community fostering for feedback discussion
Scalable plans
Best-in-class security and compliance
Private or public feedback control
Easy tool installation
User feedback data import
Brand customization
Works with other workflows
Customer satisfaction through feedback linkage
Quick and efficient feedback gathering
Prioritization signals from sales team
Product marketing time-saving
Customer engagement, retention, and adoption
Product-market fit assistance
Avoid churn and generate revenue


Limited user segmentation options
No sentiment analysis feature
Doesn't integrate with all CRM tools
Lack of native mobile app
Poor data visualization capacities
No multi-language support
Time-consuming to set up
Customization limitations
Doesn't support feature voting


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How does Canny help prioritize my product roadmap based on customer feedback?

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