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Generate stunning tattoos with AI.
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CreateINK: AI Tattoo Generator is an innovative AI-powered tool designed for designing personalized tattoo art. It harnesses advanced AI technology to transform user concepts into stunning and unique artworks.

By simply providing a prompt and selecting an art style, the tool can bring the user's imagination to life within mere moments.CreateINK works by generating artworks, photos, and images that are tailored to the user's specifications.

It can provide digital masterpieces, brainstorm logo concepts, and even produce hyper-realistic photos from prompts provided by the user. Its focus on tattoo designs encourages users to craft unique art pieces, ranging from intricate patterns to bold statements.The tool offers a variety of art styles, such as cartoon sketches and photorealistic renderings, allowing users to pick an aesthetic that best suits their project.

Once the AI-generated art is complete, users can download their masterpieces in high resolution for use or display.Alongside its primary function as a tattoo generator, CreateINK also comes with a built-in AI photo generator.

This feature enables users to produce hyper-realistic, high-resolution photos from the prompts they provide. Users also have the option to easily share their creations directly from the tool to social media platforms.Available on Apple Platforms, this AI tool is designed to be user-friendly, enabling art creation conveniently from a mobile device.

It is built using state-of-the-art AI technology aimed at turning creative ideas into unique art pieces, making it a useful addition to the digital art space.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized tattoo art generation
Prompt-based art creation
Variety of art styles
High resolution art downloads
Social media sharing feature
Available on Apple Platforms
Mobile device compatible
Logo concept brainstorming
High-resolution hyper-realistic photos
Suits different artistic projects
Unique art pieces creation
Tailored user specifications
Suitable for visual communication
Crafting intricate patterns
Designing bold statements
Ideal for digital art
Compatibility with various Apple devices
Continuous application updates
Offers in-app purchases


Only available on Apple
Requires iOS 12.0 or later
Limited art styles
Possibly high data usage
In-app purchases
No free version
Limited sharing platforms
Requires personal identifiers
Doesn't support other languages
Privacy possibly compromised
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