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Transform your selfies with AI-powered face swap.
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FaceMod is a revolutionary AI tool designed for seamless online video and image editing. This toolkit specializes in face swapping, capable of allowing the user to interchange faces with others effortlessly.

Apart from its face swap function, it also has an AI Image Generator and AI Video Generator. These offerings provide the flexibility to create different styles and templates for videos or images, according to the user's needs and preferences.

FaceMod also comes with an AI Anime tool that can identify skin color and gender during the editing process. The AI Portrait function consists of more than 100 facial keypoints for precise positioning.

Additional features of FaceMod include gender swap, AI Upscale Video and AI Composite Video, further expanding its versatility. The platform is built with an emphasis on user-friendliness, and offers comprehensive learning resources and step-by-step guides to assist users in understanding and utilizing its powerful AI features.


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May 22, 2024
Easy to use AI tool to face swap for my photos and videos

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FaceMod was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 19th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Effortless face swapping
Create styles and templates
Identifies skin color
Identifies gender
100+ facial keypoints for positioning
Gender swap feature
User-friendly platform
Comprehensive learning resources
Step-by-step guides
Specialized in online video and image editing
Allows multiple face swaps
Offers character transformations
Facilitates post-production work
Provides personalized greetings and messages
Batch-generating model photos
Virtual fashion styling
Celebrity interactions and fan engagement
Easy meme creators
Creates personalized anime styles
Offers casual, ID, Yearbook and magazine photo styles
106 facial key point framework
Allows public reviews and ratings
Tips and tricks for face swapping
Facilitates pet face swapping
Star Wars Deepfake feature


Limited style options
Possible inaccuracy in gender detection
Orientation limited to selfies and portraits
Lack of abstract or artistic filters
Limited templates for video generation
Only one face swap at a time
Lack of diversity in anime tool
May not handle complex animations


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