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Conversational data analyzed from intelligent products.
Generated by ChatGPT is an analytics tool designed specifically for AI-native products with conversational interfaces. It helps product teams analyze the conversational data generated from AI-native apps powered by LLM (Large Language Models).

With, product teams can gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.The tool offers easy integration with various data sources, including AWS S3, GCP Bigquery, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, through a straightforward SDK.

It is SOC II Type 1 certified, ensuring compliance and high standards of data features Columbus Copilot, a powerful search tool that allows users to find specific conversations in natural language.

This enables tailored recommendations and in-depth analysis of conversational data, providing both qualitative and quantitative insights. Columbus Copilot also helps users understand and take action based on the analysis, allowing for easy saving, grouping, and monitoring of conversations.One key differentiator of is its ability to analyze subjective conversational data that traditional NLP-based sentiment analysis may miss.

This includes analyzing conversations based on subjective characteristics such as users having difficulties with specific words.The tool has been trusted by AI-native products worldwide and has received positive feedback from customers who appreciate the suggestions and unique approach to analyzing conversational data.Pricing details are not provided in the text, but offers individualized support and tailors the experience to each customer's specific product and business case.

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