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InfluencerFarm is an AI tool that enables users to generate AI Influencers. This innovative tool simplifies the creation process, enabling users to outline their ideal influencer type, before generating a unique, AI-powered virtual influencer.

Core features include scheduling a photoshoot, selecting and publishing images, all achievable in mere minutes. Using the dashboard, users can actively participate in every stage of the influencer creation.

By 'fine tuning', users can distinctively personalise their AI influencers. After the AI influencer is generated, users can select a profile picture and proceed to interactive collaboration with the influencer.

The photoshoot feature provides an opportunity to select a location and describe a scenario for a unique picture featuring the AI influencer. The generated images are organized in a timeline, enabling users to easily sort and select their preferred photos.

Finally, the platform provides ways to download or share these pictures, allowing the AI influencer to engage in social media activities. Overall, InfluencerFarm offers a creative sandbox for users to design and work with AI influencers, from creation to interaction, and ultimately exposure to a wider audience.


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Mar 5, 2024
Pricing revealed only after sign in. :\
Feb 5, 2024
The best free site for only two images, but it deserves 5 stars

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Pros and Cons


Facilitates influencer personalisation
Interactive collaboration system
Creative sandbox tool
Quick image selection
Social media exposure feature
Simplifies creation process
Supports fine tuning
Allows profile picture selection
Virtual photoshoot scheduling
Supports location and scenario description
Organizes images in timeline
Easy photo sorting and selection
Enables image downloading and sharing
Influencer creation in minutes
On-demand influencer generation
Active participation in creation
Influencer image publishing system
Provides discounts on first pictures
User-friendly dashboard system


No mobile application
Potential privacy concerns
No in-app photo editing
Images limited to timeline
Not user-generated content friendly
Text-based scenario description
Dashboard may require acclimation
No multi-language support
Limited social media integration


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