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AI-powered toolkit for quick, easy journalist outreach and press release distribution.
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Press Ranger is an AI-powered toolkit designed to streamline the processes associated with journalist outreach and press release distribution. It comes with an expansive database of journalists and publishers, enabling users to directly pitch their story or press release through the platform itself.

The tool's AI functionality is leveraged to compile lists of target journalists, execute media campaigns, and monitor the outcome of these initiatives.

Press Ranger also features an AI-driven system that generates press releases, pitch emails, and corresponding contact lists for every campaign. Assistance to users extends to constructing detailed profiles for journalists and publishers, inclusive of their email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, and their specific areas of interest or coverage.

Press Ranger offers an automated matching feature that connects users with journalists actively writing or interested in their industry. For streamlining communications, users can send personalised emails written by the AI directly from the Press Ranger platform, and manage their media contacts whilst tracking mentions of their brand or names in the media.

Ultimately, Press Ranger assists businesses with effectively disseminating their stories or press releases to appropriate media contacts, thus alleviating the need for dedicated PR teams.


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Press Ranger was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Expansive journalist and publisher database
Direct pitching on platform
Automated journalist matching feature
Integrated email automation
Media contact management
Media brand mention tracking
Detailed journalist and publisher profiles
Replaces need for dedicated PR teams
Targeted media campaigns execution
Real-time campaign outcome monitoring
Connects users with interested journalists
Social media profiles of journalists
Streamlines PR communications
Press release distribution
Filtered journalist searches
Real-time PR analytics
Auto response to source requests
Listings as trusted media sources
CRM built-in
Global media contacts directory
Pitch directly to journalists
Start a campaign in minutes
Export contact lists to CSV
Input company details for matches
Embedded in existing CRM
Manage multiple companies
Columnist-specific pitching


Limited records export
Unclear tracking analytics
No multilingual support
Pricing may be prohibitive
Lack of advanced filtering
Possible mismatched journalist recommendations
No mobile access
No integration with other CRMs
Limited management of companies


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