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AI reputation management & review software for businesses (B2B SaaS)
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TrustLoop is an online reputation management software that primarily focuses on maximizing positive customer feedback and managing negative reviews. The tool is targeted towards online product owners and uses proprietary technology to manage public and private reviews effectively.

It facilitates the collection of positive reviews which are displayed publicly, while channeling constructive criticisms or negative feedback privately to the owners.

TrustLoop incorporates AI technology to provide actionable insights from the reviews and feedback. It further offers the ability to add a customizable widget or popup to the user's website for capturing reviews more efficiently. The software enables routing of satisfied users to third-party review platforms to leave additional positive reviews. TrustLoop is also designed to be intuitive, and it's built with a fully customizable survey builder to achieve the most effective results. It offers a custom landing page where feedback and reviews can be gathered and sorted out.

Automations within the tool help to speed up processes, allowing users to focus more on addressing the customer needs or product improvements rather than manual management of reviews. Furthermore, TrustLoop presents options for choosing the most appropriate point in the user journey to ask for reviews or feedback. This feature helps in capturing feedback at the right time thereby leading to more accuracy and relevance. The software operates on a subscription basis, offering different plans tailored to suit various needs and size of the user base.

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TrustLoop was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 5th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Maximizes positive customer feedback
Effectively manages private reviews
Public display of positive reviews
Channels negative feedback privately
Incorporates actionable insights
Customizable widget and popup
Enables routing to third-party platforms
Intuitive design and interface
Fully customizable survey builder
Offers custom landing page
Automates processes to save time
Appropriate review timing for accuracy
Subscription plans for various needs
Captures 3x more 5-star reviews
Built for online product owners
Reviews can be sorted out
Speeds up customer need addressing
Automates review management
Easily customizable landing page
Fast setup (less than 1 minute)
Route positive reviewers publicly
2-lines of code for functionality
Automates reporting and analytics
Bloat-free customization
Widget does not slow site
Easily editable survey and widget
Review text is automatically copied
Choice of review platform
No extra time required
Multiple users can share tool
Provides human for customer chat
Automates customer support
14-day free trial available
Tailored plans for different user base sizes
Priority support for Business tier
Offers positive feedback before product market fit


Subscription-based pricing
Limited review capacity
Customization may be complicated
Focuses on positive only
No advanced features for Startup
Limited user number in plans
Only Email support for Startup
Requires code insertion
Specifically for product owners
No mobile application


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