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ZeroWork is an intelligent automation tool designed for both businesses and individuals. Its main purpose is to automate repetitive tasks without the need for programming knowledge.

The platform allows users to perform web scraping, lead generation, and social media tasks. Scrape data feature allows one to collect data files and images from various sources like Google Maps, Instagram Followers, FB Group Members, Amazon Products, etc.

In addition to scraping, data can be enriched and transformed automatically. The platform also enables users to automate web interactions such as auto-posting AI-generated comments, auto-sending DMs or auto-liking social media posts.

The platform's capabilities further extend to allow data processing like data filtering, text splitting, and data transfer between sheets. Offering built-in AI functionality, ZeroWork permits tasks like scheduling AI-generated social media posts, auto-downloading and uploading AI-generated images, or even auto-replying to incoming messages.

The tool also features native chat GPT integration. ZeroWork is easy to use with visual drag-and-drop design and provides a platform for a rich, active community to help, engage and share feedback.

The tool's uniqueness lies in its ability to automate almost any website and add AI at any step of the automation process. The service caters to over 10,000 agencies, businesses and freelancers.


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Pros and Cons


Automates repetitive tasks
No programming knowledge needed
Performs web scraping
Lead generation features
Automates social media tasks
Data files and image scraping
Google Maps, Instagram, Amazon scraping
Scraped data can be enriched
Automates web interactions
Auto-sends DMs
Auto-likes social media posts
Data processing capabilities
Data filtering options
Text splitting feature
Data transfer between sheets
Auto-downloads and uploads images
Automatically replies to messages
Native chat GPT integration
Visual drag-and-drop design
Active user community
Can automate almost any website
Caters to businesses and freelancers
TaskBot creation feature
Data transformation tools
Rich data enrichment capabilities
Intuitive data transformation interface
Seamless social media automation
In-built anti-bot detection
Generous unlimited runtime
Active support and community
Fingerprint obfuscation & proxy
Can automate multiple accounts
Can write custom JS or make API calls
Frequent releases
Beginner-friendly features
Extensive data scraping options
Comprehensive tutorials available
Interactive interface design
Multi-step process automation
Automate end-to-end processes
Affiliate program available
Hire an expert feature
Extensive native integrations
Over 10,000 existing users
Full-time sales job automation
Capability to auto-monitor scraping frequencies
Capability to bypass anti-scraping systems
Advanced Regex capabilities
Auto-pause or random action features for web interactions


Limited data transforming capabilities
Complexities in advanced data operations
Requires time for learning
Dependent on external GPT services
Cannot process large image files
Advanced features require programming knowledge
Limited community support
No built-in CRM
Dependent on external installation agent


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