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ByGerrard Lipscombe
Professional, approachable assistant for case studies.
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Sample prompts:
How should I structure a marketing case study?
Help in drafting a software solution case study?
Key elements for a healthcare case study?
Formatting a case study for a tech company?
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Case Study Assistant is a GPT designed for crafting professional and approachable case studies. It serves as an invaluable tool for those in need of help when structuring and composing case studies, providing assistance regardless of the field or industry.

The GPT is anchored on ChatGPT, hence a user would require ChatGPT Plus to access it. The Case Study Assistant is especially skilled at assisting with case studies across several industries including marketing, software solutions, healthcare and tech.

Users can initiate a conversation with the assistant by using prompt starters; these prompts help guide the interaction and ensure that users get the type of help they need.

Some of the prompt starters include 'How should I structure a marketing case study?', 'Help in drafting a software solution case study?', 'Key elements for a healthcare case study?', and 'Formatting a case study for a tech company?'.

The Case Study Assistant makes the process of formulating and formatting a case study more manageable, providing users with professional-level assistance.


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