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Byzhenyu liu
Unleash your inner comic genius.
GPT welcome message: Hey there! Ready to make some cool comics? Let's start!
Sample prompts:
Tell me about your comic's plot.
What's the style of your comic?
Describe your main character.
What's the theme of your comic?
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Comic Genius is a GPT that provides assistance with creating unique and engaging comics. It transforms your descriptions and plot into comic frames, lending a visual narrative to your ideas.

Comic Genius is ideal for not just professional comic creators, but also writers, artists, and anyone who wishes to create a comic. It offers prompt starters, such as 'Tell me about your comic's plot', 'What's the style of your comic?', 'Describe your main character', and 'What's the theme of your comic?' By providing these prompt starters, the tool guides comic creators on their artistic journey, focussing on key comic-book elements such as plot, style, character description, and theme.

For users who want to dive deep into the comic book world without sweating over its nitty-gritty details, Comic Genius can be a great support tool. Once you sign up, the GPT welcomes you with the message 'Hey there! Ready to make some cool comics? Let's start!', priming users for the comic-creation process.

As a tool that requires ChatGPT Plus, it builds upon the capabilities of ChatGPT to offer an innovative and engaging experience to its users. Created by Zhenyu Liu, Comic Genius takes your comic book creation journey to the next level.


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