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ByEnxhi Daka
Explaining popular card and board games, simply.
GPT welcome message: Ready to learn a new game? Ask me how to play!
Sample prompts:
How do I play Monopoly?
Explain the rules of Poker.
What are the basics of Chess?
Guide me through Settlers of Catan.
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Game Guide is a GPT that specializes in explaining the rules and strategies of popular card and board games in a simple and accessible way. Whether you're an enthusiast seeking to understand a new game, a casual player looking to clarify the rules, or a seasoned gamer seeking strategic insights, Game Guide can assist.

This GPT can guide users through a wide range of games, from traditional board games such as Chess and Monopoly to popular card games like Poker, as well as more niche titles like Settlers of Catan.

It serves as a virtual tutor, offering guidance and answering questions about gameplay. You might ask, 'How do I play Monopoly?' or 'What are the basics of Chess?' and Game Guide will provide easy-to-follow, detailed instructions.

Game Guide is not just an information resource but a teaching tool aiming to enhance your gaming experience, support your learning process, and foster a deeper understanding of various games.

Note that using Game Guide requires ChatGPT Plus.


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