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Your gacha gaming assistant.
GPT welcome message: Hi, let's talk all things gacha games! Ask me anything related to gacha.
Sample prompts:
Can you explain the gacha system in Honkai Star Rail?
What's the best beginner's guide for FF7 Ever Crisis?
How should I use my gems in Arknights?
What are the top characters in Reverse 1999?
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GachaGPT is a GPT that serves as a gacha gaming assistant. This tool is designed to provide assistance and answers to various queries related to gacha games.

The inquiries could be diverse, ranging from explanations about the gacha system in certain games like Honkai Star Rail to guidance for beginners in games like FF7 Ever Crisis.

Users may also seek advice on specific strategies, like ideal usage of in-game currency, such as gems in Arknights, or request information about top characters in various games, such as Reverse 1999.

GachaGPT is built upon ChatGPT and provided by It is accessible to individuals who have signed up for ChatGPT Plus, and following registration, it allows users to engage in chat to seek assistance.

In summary, it is a specialized tool designed to enhance gacha gaming experiences by offering in-depth and personalized responses to gamers' queries.


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