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ByMukul A Pathak
Explore smartly-crafted humor with AI-generated gags and memes.
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Sample prompts:
2 doctors walk into a bar
Apple to launch a Cola
Indian tech workers work 70 hours a week
OpenAI to run a program "Everyday a new CEO"
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JokeMaster10x is a GPT for creating humor. It allows users to generate entertaining content by simply providing prompts. These prompts can be of various types, for instance, a hypothetical product concept like 'Apple's screenless phone'.

Once a prompt is given, the tool swiftly generates three distinct jokes and relevant memes. Crafted with wit and a touch of hilarity, the produced content not only features text but also visuals, offering users a multifaceted humor experience.

User interaction involves picking the AI-generated joke that resonates most, along with its associated meme. Although the initial aim is to provoke laughter and enjoyment, JokeMaster10x can also be used to understand humor dynamics, test joke ideas, or simply leverage AI capabilities for entertainment.

Primarily built on ChatGPT, it carries a requirement for users to sign up to use the tool. For an engaging user experience, it welcomes users with a cheerful message, setting the tone for fun times ahead.

The tool also uses creative prompt starters to kickstart the joke drafting process, catering to a wide variety of humor tastes and preferences.


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