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Decode your jokes and memes with Peter Griffin
GPT welcome message: Hey there! Peter Griffin here. Show me a meme to explain!
Sample prompts:
Explain this meme...
Petah why is this funny?
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Peter Explains The Joke is a GPT dedicated to elucidating the meaning of jokes and memes. This tool, embedded into the ChatGPT technology, brings the familiar humor-infused voice of Peter Griffin to aid users in understanding jokes or memes that may be confusing to them.

It serves to decipher and explain humor in a friendly and accessible manner, fostering a better appreciation of comedic content. Potential users are required to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access this tool.

To prompt the tool, users predominantly use phrases such as 'Explain this meme...' or 'Petah, why is this funny?'. These prompt starters guide the GPT to give explanations offering comedic insight.

Perfect for bringing light-hearted clarity to viral memes or complex jokes, the tool brings humor explanation to the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

This tool may be particularly appealing to individuals wanting to keep up with internet culture, those working in comedic content creation, or simply those wishing to better understand and appreciate humor.


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