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Comprehension and summarization of web content.
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ExplainThis AI is a powerful AI tool for understanding and summarizing web content. The Chrome extension allows users to have an AI assistant by their side when browsing the internet.

This assistant can explain key concepts and provide summaries of entire web pages with a single click. The AI is trained on pre-trained language models to provide accurate and understandable explanations.

Additionally, the AI assistant can highlight and explain complex concepts in plain language. ExplainThis AI is set to launch in 2023, and those who are on the waiting list will be the first to receive updates and have the opportunity to try the AI before anyone else.

The tool ensures the protection of user data and has a Privacy Policy in place.

ExplainThis was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Summarizes web content
Explains key concepts
Single click operation
Highlights complex information
Plain language explanations
Assists in web browsing
Privacy protection
Priority access for waitlist
Pre-trained language models
Personal tutor or mentor
Ability to digest long pages
Effortless content comprehension
Scan-free reading
Protects user data


Only available as Chrome extension
Limited to web content
Lack of API access
Might overlook crucial information
Privacy policy concerns
Lack of customization options
No offline functionality
Dependent on pre-trained models
Launch date in 2023
Waiting list for access


What is ExplainThis AI?
How does ExplainThis AI work?
What is the ExplainThis Chrome extension?
What can ExplainThis Chrome extension do?
How to use ExplainThis to understand web content?
How does ExplainThis explain complex concepts?
How does ExplainThis summarize web pages?
What language models is ExplainThis trained on?
Can ExplainThis aid in learning and growth?
What measures does ExplainThis take for data protection?
What is ExplainThis's Privacy Policy?
How and when can users get early access to ExplainThis?
Is ExplainThis a personal tutor or mentor?
Can ExplainThis help me save time while browsing?
How does ExplainThis highlight and explain concepts?
Can ExplainThis break down content into plain language?
Is ExplainThis effective with lengthy articles?
What are the specifics of ExplainThis's page summarization feature?
When is ExplainThis officially launching?
Are there any demo videos available for ExplainThis?

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