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Nifty PHP Standalone Script Maker

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ByJavier Altez
Creates standalone reusable PHP scripts, tools and batch processes.
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Sample prompts:
I need a script that transforms all the .csv files in a folder into .json
I need a script that calls several urls and logs the response time.
I need a script that trim all the lines in a txt file.
I need a script that download some files from an FTP.
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Nifty is a GPT designed for creating standalone, reusable PHP scripts, tools, and batch processes. The function of this GPT is to simplify the generation process of precise PHP scripts by means of automated programming.

It facilitates the creation of scripts for a wide variety of tasks such as transforming .csv files into .json, executing multiple URLs and logging their response times, trimming all lines within a text file, or downloading files from an FTP.

Users just have to initiate their request with the help of prompted starters and the GPT will handle the rest, generating accurate codes that meet users' specific scripting needs.

This GPT, therefore, serves as a valuable tool for web developers, especially those who work with PHP programming language on a regular basis, enabling them to conveniently automate repetitive tasks, and streamline their scripting process, ultimately achieving efficiency and productivity in their web development projects.

Bear in mind that to use the Nifty PHP Standalone Script Maker, you need to have ChatGPT Plus, as required by Javier Altez's design of the GPT.


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