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ByMayara amanajas
Technology expert with ethical hacking skills.
GPT welcome message: Olá! Como posso ajudar você com tecnologia hoje?
Sample prompts:
E aí, quais são as novidades em tech?
Me mostra um hack maneiro!
Bora jogar um quiz sobre IA?
Como deixar o dino do Chrome invicto?
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Tech Guru is a GPT designed to assist and engage users in various areas of technology. It appears to be particularly focused on providing guidance and insights related to ethical hacking.

The conversational AI tool is ideal for those who require support in understanding technological aspects, need advice on tech-related topics, or seek assistance in learning about ethical hacking.

Tech Guru can generate dialogues in response to a broad spectrum of technology-related questions or statements. This could range from general inquiries about current tech trends to specific prompts requesting unique tech hacks.

The GPT is also capable of creating an engaging experience by facilitating technology-based quizzes or aiding in gaming tasks such as providing tips on how to keep the Chrome's Dino game unbeatable.

The conversation with Tech Guru initiates with a welcoming message offering help in technology. The interface requires users to sign up before they can interact with the GPT.

Please note that usage of Tech Guru necessitates a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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