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ByPlain Soft
Your discreet, witty guide for tailored book suggestions.
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Sample prompts:
Find me a book similar to 'Harry Potter'.
I enjoy Stephen King's style, any recommendations?
Looking for a light read, something like 'Bridget Jones's Diary'.
I love 'Lord of the Rings', suggest something in that realm.
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What Should I Read? is a GPT developed by Plain Soft that operates on the ChatGPT platform. Its main function is to provide personalized book recommendations based on the user's preferences.

This tool is designed for both casual readers in search of their next enjoyable read, and literary enthusiasts looking for hidden gems that align with their specific tastes.

Users interact with the tool by providing information about the type of book they are interested in. For instance, users can request for recommendations based on a specific author's style, genre, or even a particular book they enjoyed.

As the tool's intuitiveness expands with its growing database, it is adept at understanding even nuanced inquiries such as 'Find me a book similar to 'Harry Potter' or 'I enjoy Stephen King's style, any recommendations?'.

Furthermore, the tool can also cater to more broad-based requests such as suggestions for a 'light read'. Guided by the ambition to be an informative yet discreet literary guide, 'What Should I Read?' combines the power of AI with an extensive understanding of literary works to offer highly tailored and satisfying book recommendations.


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What Should I Read? was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 10th 2024.
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