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How can I submit a new book to Book Detective?
I just read 'Happy Place' by Emily Henry, could you suggest another novel by her?
I'm looking for a book with strong female lead!
Suggest some upcoming romance books for 2024!
What are some top Leadership books published in 2023?
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Book Detective is a GPT designed to assist users in discovering new books. This AI tool, named 'Emily', serves as a friendly guide to finding literature based on various parameters such as genres, themes, existing books, and characters.

Part of its operations include welcoming users and engaging them with questions about the type of book they are currently searching for. The GPT uses its vast comprehension of literature to analyze users' preferences and offer curated suggestions.

Additionally, Book Detective encourages users to actively participate by posing inquiries related to their latest reads, the authors they admire, or their interest in books featuring specific themes or characters.

This tool also has the capability to provide recommendations for upcoming books. While it requires signing up for ChatGPT Plus, it offers substantial opportunities to locate not only well-known published books but also those that might be lesser-known.

Book Detective can be seen as a promising advancement in the intersection of AI and literature, potentially reshaping how readers pick their next book.


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