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BySagar Krishnaraj
Find and analyze your next read.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to The Librarian! Let's explore the world of books.
Sample prompts:
Show me the best fiction book by a female writer
Suggest a cliche romantic comedy book
Find me a book with strong male protagonists
Recommend a book within the top 10 percentile of goodreads ratings
What are people online saying about Harry Potter
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The Librarian is a Generation Pre-training Transformer (GPT) that assists users in discovering their next read. It utilizes the capabilities of Chat GPT to analyze book ratings, dissect reviews, and gather information about authors from the top books listed on Goodreads.

Upon interaction, the GPT greets users with a welcome message and leads them to explore the vast world of literature. It offers prompt starters that guide users in their quest for a book that suits their preferences.

Users can ask for the best fiction book by a female writer, suggestions for a cliche romantic comedy book, a book with strong male protagonists, or a book that lies within the top 10 percentile of Goodreads ratings.

Furthermore, the GPT can provide insights on what online users say about popular books. One example of this is providing commentary on the 'Harry Potter' series.

The Chat GPT requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus to access The Librarian. This GPT, designed by Sagar Krishnaraj, offers a novel way of navigating through the broad array of literature available online.

Its utility extends beyond simple recommendations, providing deep and insightful analyses to readers.


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