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Captured intimate portraits.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered photography studio that creates professional-grade intimate photos with a tasteful, elegant, and timeless aesthetic. Their cutting-edge technology utilizes artificial intelligence to generate a complete boudoir-style photoshoot for clients, allowing them to embrace their body, story, and journey, and immortalize their unique allure in breathtaking photographs.

The process is simple: clients upload 15 photos that feature various poses, facial expressions, and backgrounds, and the AI begins working, generating 40 high-resolution boudoir-style photos in about 20-30 minutes on average.

Each photoshoot costs a one-time payment of $19.95, with no subscriptions necessary. Additionally, clients receive 10 credits for generating additional photos and a nude filter is applied to ensure that the photos are tasteful and elegant.

As a result of their carefully curated AI, provides clients with an unforgettable experience that celebrates their unique beauty, sensuality, and confidence.

Furthermore, they offer a selection of how-to guides and ideas on their blog for clients to choose the perfect outfits and accessories for their photo shoot. serves women exclusively at the moment, but they are planning to introduce men’s boudoir photography soon. Overall, offers a high-quality, fast, and convenient service that empowers clients to celebrate and embrace their body by providing them with stunning, professional-grade photos.


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Boudoir was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Professional-grade photos
Tasteful, elegant aesthetic
Fast turnaround time
One-time payment
No subscription necessary
Bonus credits for additional photos
Nude filter application
Tailored photoshoots
Easy upload process
Automatic photo generation
High-resolution outcomes
Client alerts for photo readiness
Body positivity promotion
Unique client representation
Future male service introduction
Guides and ideas provided
High quantity of photos
Simple pricing structure
4k quality images
Client's own pose variety
Email notification system
Embrace uniqueness of beauty
Unforgettable experience provision
Versatile outfit and pose options
Tasteful and elegant results
Quick photo creation
Confidence boosting service
Future service expansions
High-quality, fast service
Direct email results delivery
Designed exclusively for women
No nudity in results
Blog support and ideas
Generates a complete photoshoot
Simple client input requirements
Personalized photography results
Single payment, no subscription
Reasonable pricing, high value
Tutorial and guides resources
Professional aesthetic look
Body and journey celebration
Timeless photography style
Affordable professional photo shoot
Private and confidential service
Stunning photo outcomes
Convenient and accessible anywhere
Empowers clients' self-image
Environment independent results
Streamlined client process interface
Offers special promotions


Only serves women currently
No manual retouch feature
Lack of customization options
No interactive preview system
Only processes 15 uploaded images
Limited pose and outfit options
No physical studio experience
20-30 minutes waiting time
No subscription service for frequent customers


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How many photos do I need to upload to use
How many photos does generate?
How long does take to generate photos?
How much does cost?
Are there any subscriptions necessary to use
Are the photos produced by tasteful and elegant?
What is the nudity filter in
Does cater to men as well?
Can I use to generate additional photos?
What are credits and how can I use them?
Does offer outfit and accessory guides for photo shoots?
Do I get alerted when my photos are ready on
How does ensure unique and personalized results?
Can recommend a local boudoir photographer?
Does also do maternity boudoir sessions?
What is the process of generating AI boudoir photos on
Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with my photos?


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