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Elevate your team to AI super users with Cakewalk AI
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Cakewalk AI is an artificial intelligence-powered automation platform for elevating team productivity. The tool leverages the power of large language models like ChatGPT to create an efficient and transformative workflow.

It boasts features like team sharing, prompt templating, and automated processes. Cakewalk AI aims to make teams into AI super users by offering easy access to multiple language models alongside enhancing the benefits of ChatGPT.Users can automate their workflows by creating prebuilt templates or building their own templates in a matter of seconds.

The capabilities of Cakewalk AI extend across various functionalities ranging from product requirement documentation, customer feedback form creation, resume evaluation, performance improvement plan structuring, to crafting legal briefs and compliance checklists, among others.

Moreover, Cakewalk AI promotes team collaboration through the creation of separate workspaces per team or department, prompt and template sharing, and centralized account management.

It also incorporates an integration feature enabling users to connect to cloud storage for automatic updates or data storage and other services like HubSpot, Google Drive, and more.

Moreover, the platform offers a spread of AI models, including ChatGPT 4 Turbo, Claude 3, Llama 3, Gemini Pro, and Stability AI. The flexibility to pick and bind different models to prompts ensures output consistency and expands control over cost-saving by choosing cheaper models delivering similar results.

Cakewalk was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 26th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Elevates team productivity
Multiple large language models
Team sharing feature
Prompt templating
Automated processes
Wide functionality range
Ease of template creation
Cloud storage integration
HubSpot integration
Google Drive integration
Output consistency assurance
Cost-saving model selection
Separate workspaces creation
Centralised account management
Resume evaluation capability
Legal brief drafting
Compliance checklist creation
Automatic updates
Prompt Libraries
Product performance KPIs
Crafting user personas
Update product roadmap
Customer feedback form creation
Skills competency matrices
Employee referral programs creation
Performance improvement plans structuring
SEO keywords suggestion
Create re-engagement email copy
Analyze contractual obligations
Synthesize client testimonials
Partnership strategies suggestion
Avoids vendor lock-in
Curation of engagement analytics
Prompt and template tagging
Permission-based content visibility
SQL database connectivity
Template scheduling for automation
Workflow pausing feature
Access to all models
File uploads as reference material
Integration with numerous services
Linked prompts in workflows
Advanced model rate limiting
Shared Prompt Library
Web search feature
Auto model selection


Price could fluctuate
No mobile version
Limited integrations
Potential model inconsistency
Complex template building
Some features still upcoming
Rate limiting on models
Costly advanced models
Single workspace per team
Difficulties binding models


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Do I have the flexibility to create my own templates in Cakewalk AI?
How does Cakewalk AI ensure output consistency across various AI models?
How can Cakewalk AI help in creating separate workspaces per team or department?
How does Cakewalk AI assist in crafting legal briefs and compliance checklists?
How can Cakewalk AI be used for resume evaluation and performance improvement plan structuring?

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