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DiffusionHub is a cloud-based platform that leverages Stable Diffusion technology for AI-powered image and video generation. It supports different variants of Stable Diffusion, like Automatic1111, ComfyUI, and Kohya, each offering a unique user experience.

Automatic1111 boasts of a comprehensive user interface and many extensions, enabling advanced control over image generation processes and AI video generation.

It strikes a balance between ease of use and functionality.ComfyUI, meanwhile, provides a node-based interface ideal for creating high-resolution AI imagery.

This powerful solution helps both novice and experienced users generate personalized art and videos, with an emphasis on user control and workflow efficiency.Kohya's focus lies on training enhancements, allowing users to train and fine-tune Stable Diffusion models such as LoRA and DreamBooth models effectively.

Users can therefore create high-quality Stable Diffusion models. Finally, Fooocus positions itself as a user-friendly AI art generator with accessible settings to control the balance between quality and performance.

It supports a variety of artistic styles and multiple models, providing in-painting and out-painting capabilities to enhance creativity. With DiffusionHub, users can launch server instances and store generations without requiring a GPU.

The platform integrates with extensions from Hugging Face and GitHub, and comes pre-installed with several extensions for greater control over specific aspects of image generation.


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Mar 6, 2024
Great platform, the fastest Stable Diffusion cloud

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DiffusionHub was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2024.
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2 alternatives to DiffusionHub for Image and video generation

Pros and Cons


Cloud-based platform
Supports Stable Diffusion variants
Advanced control over generation
Node-based interface
Training enhancements
Supports LoRA, DreamBooth models
No GPU required
Launch server instances
Store generations
Multiple artistic styles
In-painting, out-painting capabilities
Integrated with Hugging Face
Integrated with GitHub
Pre-installed with extensions
Supports multiple models
Balance between quality, performance
Private-hosted cloud
10-sec server launch
Up to 300GB storage
Switch easily between WebUIs
Incredible value for money
Fast and easy to use
Offers customization of rendering
Supports models like SDXL
Pre-installed with essential models
Txt2Img, Img2Img techniques
Supports Upscaler and Clip Skip
Pre-installed with FaceSwapLab
Pre-installed with DreamBooth
Pre-installed with ControlNet models
Private and secure sessions
Fast launching times in industry
Competitive pricing
Trial period available
Supports video creation
Supports model training
User confidentiality ensured
Offers discounts for large top-ups
Affiliate program available


Limited model training customization
Multiple UIs can be confusing
Node-based interface in ComfyUI
Server instances replace GPU usage
Limited performance control
May require extensions knowledge
Balancing quality and performance
Storage size restriction
No local use support
Requires cloud computing


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How does DiffusionHub integrate with extensions from Hugging Face and GitHub?
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What is the maximum storage provided by DiffusionHub?
What are the settings to control the balance between quality and performance in DiffusionHub?
How does DiffusionHub support multiple artistic styles?
How does DiffusionHub support in-painting and out-painting capabilities?
How does DiffusionHub users launch server instances?
What types of Stable Diffusion Models can be trained and fine-tuned on DiffusionHub?
How does Automatic1111 ensure advanced control over image generation in DiffusionHub?
Why is diffusionhub more cost-effective than its competitors?
How does ComfyUI ensure high-resolution AI imagery in DiffusionHub?
What makes Fooocus the most user-friendly AI art generator in DiffusionHub?

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