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The fastest way to the EU e-label for wine.
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EU e-label for wine is an AI tool that simplifies the process of creating and managing e-labels for wine, in compliance with EU wine labelling regulation.

Users can upload nutritional information and ingredients of their product, which is used to create a 'dynamic' QR code. This QR code can be customised and printed for use on wine labels, brochures, and sales shelves, ensuring compliance with EU regulations.

This tool is user-friendly and requires no prior knowledge, enabling anyone in a company to create the required e-labels in just a few minutes. It features an easy integration into existing web stores and price lists, an automatic translation into all EU languages, and display of country-specific information based on geolocation.

Additionally, the tool ensures legal compliance in all countries of distribution and dynamically adapts to legal alterations. The tool provides a transparent cost structure and allows for easy cancellation.

All e-labels created remain active even in the event of cancellation.


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Jan 11, 2024
Really user-centric approach, I like

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Pros and Cons


Dynamic QR code creation
Automatic EU compliance
E-label creation in minutes
Easy web store integration
Automatic translation for EU languages
Geolocation-based information display
Adapts to legal changes
Transparent cost structure
Easy cancellation
Active e-labels post-cancellation
Maintains legal compliance consistently
Nutrition information upload
Ingredient listing functionality
No prior knowledge required
User-friendly interface
Assured legal compliance
Multiple language support
Real-time geolocation information
All EU countries support
Saves time and effort
Clear and concise information representation
Easing EU wine labelling regulations
Individual and bulk e-label management
Quick QR code generation
Streamlined e-commerce integration
Flexible adaptation to price lists
Immediate law regulation updates
Cost effective solution
Easy tool implementation
Advanced customization of QR codes
Broad application: labels, brochures, shelves
Proactive legal alteration response
Provides education resources
Multi-language website
Integrates with ERP systems
Automatic QR code customization
Webinars for learning
Clearly segmented pricing models
Easy country-specific compliance
Simple user signup process
Customer testimonial transparency
Recognized and endorsed by experts
Print shops and agencies cooperation
Active even post cancellation
Existing e-label cost free
E-label trial period offer
Bulk e-label generation
Endorsed by major companies
Community-guided FAQ section


Only for EU regulations
No non-EU translations
Limited to wine industry
No multi-device synchronization
Dependence on geo-location
Data import only via Excel/CSV
No customization options for QR code
Single-user system
No integration with other labeling software
No support for non-alcoholic products
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