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ePlant TreeTag

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Real-time advice for monitoring tree health.
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ePlant is a revolutionary tool that uses transformative technology to allow trees to communicate their needs in real-time. With ePlant, trees can vocalize their needs and help enhance the way that we connect and care for them.

The device includes the TreeTag monitoring system, which feeds laboratory-quality data on water, growth, lean, carbon, and the environment to users in words they can understand.

This system lets users know when trees need water or when they have had too much, along with other useful insights. The ePlant app allows users to become tree experts and monitor a range of factors including contraction, growth, stability, humidity, temperature, and light.

The AI is trained with world-class horticultural knowledge, making it a useful tool for people passionate about their trees and the environment. ePlant aims to promote sustainable practices that benefit both people and the planet, and they are leading the charge towards a greener and more sustainable future.

In addition to its usefulness in enhancing tree care and promoting sustainability, ePlant can also help users save money by preventing the need for replanting, removal of dead trees, and costly fence or roof repairs caused by fallen trees.

Overall, ePlant is a useful tool for anyone looking to become more knowledgeable about their trees and take effective care of them.

ePlant TreeTag was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time tree health monitoring
TreeTag monitoring system
Laboratory-quality diagnostic data
Detects water requirements
Alerts for over-watering
App offers multiple monitoring capabilities
Monitors contraction and growth
Monitors stability, humidity, temperature, light
Employs world-class horticultural knowledge
Promotes sustainable practices
Potential cost-saving feature
Prevents unnecessary replanting
Prevents unwanted tree removal
Saves on property damage costs
Helps nurture trees efficiently
Allows for individual tree selection
In-app messaging with trees
Raises user's tree care knowledge
Contribution to greener practices
Enhances relationship with trees
Helps increase property value
Helps in air quality improvement
Contributes to mental & physical health
Potential for shade and shelter
Platform for holistic tree information
User-friendly interface in app
Interactive tree map in app
Assists in eco-friendly homes making
Boosts tree's longevity


No mention of accuracy
Needs constant connection
No multi-tree support
Requires dedicated app
Limited time offer
No worldwide shipping
Pre-order status
No desktop interface
No API integration


What is ePlant TreeTag?
How does ePlant monitor tree health?
What variables does ePlant TreeTag monitor?
How does ePlant provide real-time advice?
Can ePlant help me save money?
What is the ePlant app?
Does ePlant provide insights on tree growth and stability?
What kind of horticultural knowledge has ePlant AI been trained with?
Does ePlant promote sustainability?
Can I use ePlant to monitor environment factors like humidity and temperature?
What role does ePlant play in enhancing tree care?
Who can use ePlant?
How can I pre-order ePlant?
What does it mean to give my tree a voice with ePlant?
How can ePlant TreeTag tell me when a tree needs water?
What insights does ePlant provide on lean and carbon factors in trees?
Where can I find more resources on ePlant?
When is ePlant coming out?
How does ePlant's technology transform the way we care for trees?
What is the TreeTag monitoring system?


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