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Unleash your creativity with AI video generation.
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Loud Fame is an AI tool to stylize videos with Generative AI. The tool has a feature referred to as 'Video to Anime.' This feature takes any uploaded video and converts it into a video that mimics the style of anime, cartoon, manga and others.

Providing a unique form of artistic rendering of the original video content. Apart from the Video to Anime feature, the tool also has another capability referred to as 'Talking Celebrities.' This functionality enables users to create videos of famous people, complete with realistic voice, lip-sync and head movements.

The tool, therefore, provides an interactive and creative platform that allows users to generate unique video content by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

Users can get started with the tool for free.


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Loud Fame was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 11th 2024.

Pros and Cons


Generates anime videos
Converts any video into anime
Creates videos of celebrities
Realistic voice and lip-sync
Generative video techniques
Interactive and creative platform
Unique video content generation
Start for free
Realistic celebrity head movements
Offers video editing
Content transformation features
Voice Clone technology
Modifiable celebrity videos
Social media presence
Video to Anime feature
Talking Celebrities feature
Effortless video stylization
User-friendly interface


No batch video processing
Lacks professional editing features
No multilingual support
Limited to anime style
Inaccurate lip-syncing potential
No offline version
No copyright clearance for celebrities
Potentially high data usage
Limited social media integration


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What does 'State of Art Generative Video' mean in terms of Loud Fame's capabilities?
Can I get started with Loud Fame AI for free?
Does Loud Fame AI provide video editing capabilities?
What does the 'Lip-sync technology' in Loud Fame AI do?
How does Loud Fame AI handle content transformation?
Can Loud Fame AI recreate any celebrity's voice realistically?
Will my videos lose quality while using the 'Video to Anime' feature?
How does Loud Fame use AI in video generation?
Can I generate anime videos from loud fame on social media platforms?
Does Loud Fame AI require any specific type of video format?
What are the pricing options for using Loud Fame AI?
What kind of content transformation does Loud Fame AI offer?
Can I make my own customized celebrity video using Loud Fame?

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