YouTube shorts 2023-10-10
Enhanced YouTube videos with generated shorts.
Generated by ChatGPT

AICO is an AI tool that allows users to easily create shorts from YouTube videos with just three clicks. The tool offers AI shorts editing and AI subtitles, making it convenient for users to enhance their YouTube channels.

With one YouTube link, users can generate multiple AI-generated shorts, which can help boost their channel by attracting new subscribers. AICO provides an all-in-one platform for editing and posting these shorts.Additionally, AICO offers various features to enhance video creation.

It includes foreign language detection and automatic translation, which allows users to detect and translate foreign languages in their videos. The tool also provides crop area recommendations that automatically detect and crop face positions, making video editing easier.

Users can easily insert and display the most-liked or any other comments from YouTube in their shorts. AICO supports legacy title styles and promises upcoming subtitles and video effects to enhance the visual appeal of videos.

Moreover, AICO can differentiate between the voices of each speaker, allowing users to allocate specific subtitle effects for each speaker. The tool even offers AI title suggestions to help users create catchy titles for their videos, which can potentially increase viewership.

It is worth mentioning that AICO also offers a mobile app that makes vertical videos on phones easily compatible with the AICO platform on PCs.In conclusion, AICO is a powerful AI tool that simplifies the process of creating shorts from YouTube videos.

It offers various features such as AI shorts editing, AI subtitles, foreign language detection, crop area recommendations, YouTube comments capture, AI title suggestions, and more, all accessible through a user-friendly platform.


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AICO was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 10th 2023.
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