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Speedy page making with various custom options.
Generated by ChatGPT

PageGenie is a platform that enables the quick and easy conversion of product ideas into fully-functional landing pages. This is made possible through the application of AI-generated features like image galleries, FAQs and a list of features that identify and highlight the unique benefits of your product.

PageGenie also enables subscribers to stay up-to-date with new features and updates that are added to the platform, while also providing them with personalized support.

One unique feature of PageGenie is the generation of banner and video ads that complement the landing pages that have been generated. Also, the platform allows for the integration of Shopify and Figma projects.

Users can login using their Google credentials to create and customize their pages with widgets that can be dragged and dropped onto the page. The platform is still in the prototype phase, and subscribers can receive daily updates with newly-generated product ideas and landing pages.

Overall, PageGenie is an innovative tool that offers a wide range of features to enable the efficient and effective creation of landing pages with minimal effort.

PageGenie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 6th 2023.
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Jul 19, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Speedy page making
Various custom options
Quick product idea conversion
FAQ generation
Features list generation
Banner ad creation
Video ad creation
Shopify integration
Figma integration
Google login
Customizable with widgets
Drag and drop widgets
Daily updates for subscribers
Generated product ideas
Generated landing pages
Automated feature lists
Automated FAQs
Automated galleries generation
Subscribe for future updates
Bulk generate landing pages
Supports email generation
Product pages generation
Contact forms generation
Banner ads generator
Video ads generator
Daily product ideas
A/B testing generation
Privacy policy


Prototype stage
Limited to Google login
No mobile app
Limited integration options
No multi-platform support
No bulk edit feature
No A/B testing yet
No user community
Limited widget customization
No live chat support


What is PageGenie?
How does PageGenie create landing pages?
What kind of AI features does PageGenie have?
What are the unique characteristics of PageGenie?
What kind of support does PageGenie offer to subscribers?
What's the process of generating banner and video ads on PageGenie?
Does PageGenie integrate with Shopify and Figma?
How can I log in to PageGenie?
Can I customize my PageGenie landing page? If yes, how?
How can I use widgets on PageGenie?
What does it mean that PageGenie is still in the prototype phase?
How can I receive updates about PageGenie features and updates?
How does PageGenie generate a list of features for my product?
Can PageGenie help me with answering customer FAQs?
Can PageGenie generate image galleries for my product?
How can I subscribe to PageGenie's updates?
What feature might PageGenie develop in the future?
Does PageGenie support generation of content types other than landing pages?
Can I receive new product ideas from PageGenie?
Can I do A/B testing on PageGenie?

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