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Home improvement & maintenance assistant platform.
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Pic2Quote is an AI-powered tool that aims to simplify the process of home improvement and maintenance. It offers homeowners a comprehensive platform to enhance their understanding and decision-making in the realm of home improvement.

The tool is designed to assist users in estimating costs, guiding them through the purchasing process, and connecting them with local contractors. It also provides personalized tips and tracks the progress of home improvement projects through an AI-powered home journal.For homeowners, Pic2Quote helps eliminate the need for extensive research on do-it-yourself problems by providing quick and accessible answers.

It aims to demystify complex systems, allowing homeowners to shop confidently and make informed decisions. Through its virtual assistant, LEO, users can receive guidance and solutions to residential maintenance issues.Similarly, for professionals in the industry, Pic2Quote serves as a valuable resource to revolutionize sales flow and increase gross margins.

It offers a platform to connect with customers who require solvable solutions, allowing professionals to store, upload, and share detailed information about the customers' systems.

Additionally, the tool provides a handy AI assistant, LEO, to guide customers and enhance their understanding.Pic2Quote is positioned as a low-cost, high-performance alternative to outdated and clunky software in the industry.

The tool's objective is to empower homeowners, simplify the stresses of the maintenance process, and foster better communication and collaboration between homeowners and professionals.


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Pros and Cons


Cost estimating functionality
Purchasing process guidance
Connects users with contractors
Personalized home improvement tips
Home progress tracking
Demystifies complex systems
Local contractor recommendations
Facilitates professionals' sales flow
Increases professionals' gross margins
Customer systems' info storage
Low-cost alternative
High-performance software
Improves customer-professional communication
Aids in decision-making
Simplifies maintenance process
Detailed problem sharing
Guides users with solutions
Photo diagnosis feature
Tracks project progress
Pro journal for professionals
Daily Limited Questions
Access to contractor support
Published local customer issues
Provides industry information
Homeowners' and Pros' plans
Free and Paid versions
CSR Review in Pro Plan
Direct donation support


In open alpha phase
Paid subscription for advanced features
Limited daily questions in free version
Dependent on accurate photo diagnosis
Requires tech-savviness to operate
Lack of real-time human support
Relies on local contractors availability
Need to share personal data
Can't physically assist in projects
Unfinished Pro Journal feature


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Does Pic2Quote simplify the purchasing process?
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Does Pic2Quote offer personalized tips?
Can I trust Pic2Quote with my information?
What does the open alpha phase mean for Pic2Quote?
How do I join the waitlist for Pic2Quote?
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Can LEO help me with DIY problems?
How does Pic2Quote help in empowering homeowners?

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