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Your AI co-pilot for home improvement and repairs.
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FixxAI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool designed as a co-pilot for home improvement, repairs, and maintenance tasks. It strives to offer guidance on various topics ranging from fixing leaks to conducting full home renovations.

Beyond that, FixxAI also extends its capabilities to provide advice on matters related to appliances, real estate, and even legal property issues. The tool allows users to ask questions and receive expert advice for their inquiries.

Importantly, FixxAI operates as a source of general advice based on AI algorithms and cautions users to use the provided information at their own risk, empowering them to consult with certified professionals when necessary.

Despite its extensive capabilities, FixxAI places a strong emphasis on user privacy, operating without requiring signup or login, thus ensuring user anonymity.

As the technology and the conditions of use may change, FixxAI retains the right to modify its terms of service at any time, encouraging users to stay updated for optimal usage.


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Pros and Cons


Home improvement co-pilot
Wide range topic guidance
Appliance advice
Real estate advice
Legal property advice
Expert advice provision
User privacy emphasis
Anonymous usage
No signup required
Rights to modify TOS
Update notifications
Dark mode feature
Disclaimer inclusion
Third-party app availability
Voice chat enabled
Copy answer to clipboard
Consultation before decision prompt
Google Analytics usage
Session data collection
User conduct standards
Anonymity maintained
Session ID based experience
Aggregated usage data
Bugs and issues reporting
Media inquiries support
Partnership opportunities


No direct human support
Limited to property topics
Potential inaccurate guidance
Legal responsibility disclaimer
Changes in terms of service
Dependence on user input
Lacks personal data incorporation
No registered user benefits
Limited training on legal issues


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Does FixxAI provide any real estate advice?
Are there any requirements to consult with certified professionals before using advice from FixxAI?
Will FixxAI operate if I don't signup or login?
How reliable is the advice provided by FixxAI?
Can FixxAI help me with appliance maintenance?
Does FixxAI give advice on leak fixes?
Is there a limit to the number of questions I can ask on FixxAI?
How can FixxAI ensure user anonymity?
Who can I contact if I have issues with FixxAI?
Does FixxAI offer a voice chat feature?
What are some common usage restrictions for FixxAI?
What happens if I don't agree with the changes in FixxAI's terms of service?

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