Landscape design 2024-01-15
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AI powered garden design in seconds.
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RescapeAI is an intelligent tool designed to aid in garden design, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to produce high-quality, professional landscape plans in seconds.

The application operates by taking a user-submitted photograph of a garden and transforming it based on specified styles, effectively generating diverse design ideas for the same space.

Not only it creates, but also it serves as an unlimited source of inspiration for new gardening and landscaping concepts. This capability harnesses the power of generative AI, allowing users to experiment with a multitude of styles and designs that perhaps only a professional landscape architect could envision.

The tool also functions as a comprehensive garden planner, simplifying the planning and designing processes, which makes it an ideal choice for both professional landscapers and DIY enthusiasts.

Users also have the opportunity to access the tool's functionalities for free which provides a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with its capabilities and explore the potentials of their outdoor spaces before moving on to RescapeAI's premium services.


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Mar 28, 2024
Extremely useful tool! Ended up picking a design from Rescape for my garden. And it’s looking great!
Mar 22, 2024
Rescape AI hands down generates the best looking garden variations

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Pros and Cons


Generates professional landscape plans
Transforms user-submitted photos
Provides diverse design ideas
Source of gardening inspiration
Ideal for landscapers and DIYs
Comprehensive garden planner
Allows style and design experimentation
Accessible functionalities for free
Unlimited garden transformation possibilities
Residential and professional landscaping
Outdoor space planning
High quality output
Rapid design generation
Free trial available
Affordable premium plans
Provides garden planning inspiration
Renewable resource for designs
User friendly interface
Aid to landscape architecture
DIY garden design tool
Resource for garden makeover
Knowledge on contemporary design


Charges for high quality images
User-submitted photos only
Limited free version
Non-diverse style choices
Requires manual style specification
No collaborative design features
Doesn't suggest specific plants
No offline functionality
Lacks intuitive user interface
No 3D modeling


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How does RescapeAI generate diverse design ideas from a single photo?
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How does RescapeAI operate as a comprehensive garden planner?
Can RescapeAI create styles and designs that a professional landscape architect could envision?
Can I use the same photo multiple times to create different designs?
What does 'generative AI' mean in the context of RescapeAI?
What are RescapeAI's functionalities?
Is the outcome of RescapeAI's design high-quality and professional?
Does RescapeAI offer a free trial?
Does RescapeAI create both residential and commercial landscaping designs?
What does RescapeAI mean by 'outdoor space planning'?

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