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UIs w/ lang models & auto code-gen for fast build.
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The AI Playground by Vercel is an online platform that allows users to build AI-powered applications using the latest AI language models. The website includes various tools, such as Chat and Prompt, that enable users to interact with AI models and generate text-based responses.

The Playground also offers multiple features to help users fine-tune their models, such as Compare Mode to run multiple models with the same prompt and compare their responses side-by-side, and Tweak Mode to find the best parameters for a specific use case.

In addition, Vercel AI SDK is an open source library that provides auto-generated code snippets for connecting the AI models to a user's app. The AI SDK supports various frameworks like Next.js, SvelteKit, and Node.js.

The website also offers immutable links to share chats with others. Moreover, the Playground includes OpenAI's GPT-3.5-turbo and Hugging Face's oasst-sft-4-pythia-12b-epoch-3.5 models for users to interact with.

The Vercel AI SDK is a powerful tool that enables the user to build AI-powered user interfaces efficiently and quickly while ensuring that the tool's generated codes provide robust performance.

Overall, the AI Playground by Vercel is an excellent option for individuals and businesses looking to leverage the latest AI models to build robust AI-powered applications regardless of their technical ability.


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Pros and Cons


SDK for fast build
Multiple language models support
Interactive chat model
Text-based response generation
Compare Mode for fine-tuning
Tweak Mode for optimization
Auto-generated code snippets
Supports Next.js, SvelteKit, Node.js
Immutable chat links
GPT-3.5-turbo integration
Hugging Face's model integration
User-friendly UI
Suitable for non-technical users
Efficient code generation
Robust performance
Suitable for business use


Occasional client-side exceptions
Limited language model selection
Dependence on browser console
Lacks multi-language support
No offline use capability
No mobile app version
Limited model fine-tuning tools


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