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Convert videos and podcasts to blog posts with AI.
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VideoSnack is an AI tool that creates diverse types of content from video and podcast scripts. Its primary function lies in efficiently repurposing multimedia content into well-structured written articles, appropriate for blog posts, newsletters, summaries, show notes, reviews, or tutorials.

VideoSnack is especially useful for digitizing YouTube and Loom videos, enhancing their potential to reach a broader audience who prefer consuming content through reading, and making them more visible to Googles search algorithm which prioritizes text content.

Users merely paste in the link of their video to the tool and receive a ready-to-publish blog post. The AI performs multiple tasks in this process, including identifying key information, removing filler words, and optimizing the final text for better audience engagement.

An additional benefit of VideoSnack is usability across different platforms, as it instantly exports the constructed content to Google Docs, allowing it to be used or further edited anywhere.

Other features include options to choose diverse content formats, select content length and tone of voice, modify the target language by choosing from over 30 languages and add personal instructions for the AI.

The tool also offers SEO analysis and an AI writer sidebar to rewrite the text. It facilitates exportations to WordPress as posts, pages, or custom posts.

VideoSnack is suitable for a wide range of users including agencies, publishers, affiliates, bloggers, editors, technical writers, in-house teams, and content managers.

VideoSnack was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 17th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Multi-platform usability
Exports to Google Docs
Optimizes for audience engagement
Removes filler words
Identifies key information
Link-based operation
Content format options
Adjustable content length
Selectable tone of voice
Language modification
Personal instruction input
Includes SEO analysis
Exports to WordPress
Good for agencies
Good for publishers
Good for affiliates
Good for bloggers
Good for editors
Good for tech writers
Good for in-house teams
Good for content managers
Video to text conversion
Supports over 30 languages
YouTube content optimization
Loom video conversion
Multiple text optimizations
Generates video ideas
Assists with content hooks
Ready-to-publish output
Efficient content repurposing
Enhances content reach
Google algorithm friendliness
Turns videos into SEO content
Different content type conversions
Flexible export options
Adds value to marketing strategy
Adaptable for various users
Content repurposing automation
Transforms podcast scripts
Enhances multimedia potential
Content length selection
Content tone selection
Generates traffic SEO
Content diversity options
Video to blog conversion
Podcast to text conversion
60 second processing


Lacks video-editing capabilities
No offline version available
Lacks real-time collaboration feature
Limited to YouTube and Loom
No metadata editing options
No integrated publishing feature
Dependent on Google Docs
Limited format options
Only supports 30 languages
Lacks transcription accuracy control


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