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Wingman is the AI dating assistant that gets you dates.
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Wingman is an AI-powered assistant designed to support you in the world of online dating. The primary features include a chatbot dating coach, an online dating profile roaster, and a dating app conversation genius.

The AI chatbot acts as an uncensored dating coach where individuals can interact and work through dating problems. Its advice is tailored and continues to personalize over time based on users' interactions.

Wingman's online dating profile roaster aims to upgrade your dating profile by providing an evaluation and actionable recommendations on areas of improvement for your bio and profile pictures.

The third main feature, the dating app conversation genius, aids users by offering advice on their text exchanges or responses based on another individual's profile.

This serves to help craft the perfect reply and to improve ones communication game. Wingman is designed for straight men, delivering brutally honest advice with the goal of helping them find effective dating strategies.

Moreover, all interaction with the AI are fully anonymized to secure users' privacy. Wingman doesn't share user data with third parties, assuring users a private and sensitive handling of their romantic life.


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May 16, 2024
I found this on reddit during an AI discussion. The bot's attention to detail is excellent.
May 15, 2024
Overall a strong app. I'm a heavy user of dating apps (lol) and Wingman helped me revamp my entire profile, and more matches came as promised. The online dating game is truly about pics. The chatbot is also extremely powerful and is basically uncensored, so no BS from it.
May 15, 2024
Very interesting AI project. The chatbot is helpful and the image upload tools are actually really high quality. Definitely on my list of apps to watch. Would recommend
May 14, 2024
I can't recommend wingman enough. I'm interested in AI so i've tried a bunch of them, like Rizz and Roast, but those seem like they barely use AI. Wingman has three tools, but I mostly use the dating Profile Roaster tool. It gives shockingly detailed and precise critiques of pics, and it ultimately resulted in me getting more Tinder matches. The dating-coach chatbot is also really good. Anyway, 5/5 stars. Check Wingman out.

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Pros and Cons


Chatbot dating coach
Profile roaster feature
Conversation genius feature
Tailored dating advice
Continual personalization
Profile improvement recommendations
Reply crafting assistance
Communication improvement focus
Designed for straight men
Brutally honest advice
Data anonymization
No third-party data sharing
Able to start multiple conversations
Beta phase free access
Free trial post-launch
Complimentary user support
Subscription cancellation feature


Designed only for straight men
No specific LGBTQ+ support
Brutality of advice may offend
Lacks real-time conversation support
Possibly overwhelming multiple chat threads
Limited to dating app context
Unclear premium feature distinctions
No option for human coaching
Uncertainty around post-beta cost
Doesn't analyze voice communication


What is Wingman?
How does the chatbot dating coach feature of Wingman work?
What is the purpose of the online dating profile roaster in Wingman?
How does the dating app conversation genius feature assist users?
Is Wingman suitable for all genders?
How does Wingman ensure user privacy?
Does Wingman share user data with third parties?
How does Wingman personalize its advice?
How does Wingman help in improving my communication game?
What is the objective of Wingman?
Can Wingman help me with reply crafting?
How can I get started with Wingman?
Is there a trial period offered by Wingman?
How can Wingman increase my dating strategies?
How are the interactions with Wingman anonymized?
Can I have multiple conversation threads on Wingman?
How does Wingman upgrade my dating profile?
Does Wingman have a customer support for additional queries?
Can I cancel my Wingman subscription anytime?
How does Wingman use my data to enhance my experience on the app?

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